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6 gallon aquarium with lots of accessories and one lonely frog. Comes with brand new filter pump, replacement filters, rocks, decorations, fish and frog food, air pump and bubblers, chemicals and more. We just don't want an aquarium anymore. Would cost around $100 to buy all this new so you are getting a great deal. Must pick up and I will empty most of the water but will leave enough for the f...
- Two red-eared slider turtles, about 9 years old. - 200 gallon custom-built glass aquarium - basking rock and heat lamp - decorative rock from Cle Elum river - tank filter - custom-built wooden stand These turtles are fun to watch! We need to re-home them because our pet population has tripled in the past year.
Only used about 1/4 inch of this. Swipe to see more pics of how much was used
Comes with 3 brand new filters, tank and led light. Also comes with original box (never used the light) tank is in excellent condition and is move in ready for your fishy friend Show your fish off in a new light with API Aquariums Tropical 360 View Aquarium Starter Kit, including everything you need to get started. Ideally sized and stylishly designed for desktops, this 360 tank is a great addi...
A healthy fish has gotten too big for our 10 gallon tank.
Must come pick it up at my house
Two adult red-ear sliders. We need to re-home them as our pet population has increased with kids. We also have a large 80-gallon glass aquarium which can be purchased, including a basking rock, lamps, water filtration system, and decorative wooden base. The aquarium, base are custom-made, and along with the filtration system are worth over $250. We can take offers for these. Troi is a female wh...
Fish 10 gallon aquarium & fish (3 cherry barbs, 1 male guppy, 1 placatimus, shrimp 10.00
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